A New Video-Chat App
for Language Learners

Role Play Everyday Dialogues with Native Speakers

Kipeesh is a conversation platform for language learners who want to practice speaking.

Inside, you'll chat with a native speaker about common everyday topics using our role-play technology.

We'll give you your very own lines to say and prompt you when to say them. This allows you to feel what it's like to have a full conversation right from day one.

Now you can practice saying the right thing, the right way in the right order with the fear of making mistakes.

Our beta iOS version is close to being released and we're looking to add several languages to the platform very soon.

Sign up to become a beta-user and tell us which language you'd like to learn. We'll keep you posted on latest developments and release-dates for your specific language.


Sign up below with your name, email and tell us which language you'd like to speak. We'll keep you posted once your language version is close to being released.

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