Here's a little bit of history about Kipeesh!

Hi, I’m Rowan, the founder of the language conversation app Kipeesh.

There are a ton of products and services that teach a language but very few places where students can come and practice speaking. You either need to know somebody who can speak that language or travel overseas to experience that language firsthand. Live conversation exchange sites are great but can be hard to fit into your busy schedule and when you’re still learning, it’s typically the native speaker that ends up doing most of the talking since you’re still a newbie and can’t say what you wanna say.

Which is exactly why I built Kipeesh. I wanted to build a platform where language learners could come and practice speaking in their own time from the ease of their phone.

Using the subtitled conversations, users can now practice speaking a language right from day one and feel what its like to speak with a native thanks to the 1-on-1 Facetime technology. It’s the perfect real world compliment to your language studies and one that will fast track you on to conversational fluency.

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